General Gynaecology

  • Pelvic pain and dyspareunia
  • Menstrual problems
  • Contraception including Mirena removal/insertion
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, pap smears, colposcopy
  • Postnatal problems with bladder, bowels, sex, prolapse


  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Urinary problems, including incontinence, bladder pain, voiding problems and infection
  • Bowel problems including incontinence and obstructed defecation
  • Urodynamic studies at each location
  • Botox and sacral nerve stimulation for overactive bladder
  • Pelvic floor ultrasound
  • Postnatal problems with bladder, bowels, sex, prolapse

Special Interests

  • Laparoscopic reconstructive pelvic surgery for prolapse and urinary incontinence
  • Management of trans-vaginal mesh complications

Dr Mowat believes that a woman’s care must always align with her individual preferences and ideologies.

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